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Q.1: Draw up an interview guide for use in the selection of candidates for each of the following: (1)  Management Trainee (General Management)
(2) General Manager (HR & Administration)
You may use either your own organization as a reference, or any other. 

What criteria would you need to look for and how would you assess the suitability of the candidates against the criteria?

Interview Guide for Management Trainee (General Management)
A management trainee (general management) gathers experience by working in various departments of the company before he is assigned a suitable post. Since the job profile is not clearly specified, questions asked during the interview will be very general and not based on a particular section. But a management trainee should be fully aware of himself and his surroundings and should have his own views on issues rather than carrying out orders given by this manager. The questions can be: 1.Brief us about yourself.

2.Can you elaborate on some of your aspects that relate to this current position? 3.Tell us about one thing that motivates and demotivates you. 4.What are the three things that you would like to change about yourself? 5.Describe an incident where you had to disagree with your manager/ team leader. 6.What is your greatest accomplishment? And/ or what is your biggest failure? 7.Tell me about a time when you identified a grave problem and designed a solution to it. 8.What is the importance of money in your life? Do you work only for money? 9.What are your political views and your concept of integrity? 10.Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

The following criterian/skills are required in the candidates: 1.Good Analytical & Listening Skills: Can be assessed by asking case based aptitude questions 2.Sense of responsibility and integrity: By asking the previous tasks/responsibilities handled. 3.Initiative and passion to learn and lead: Getting details of volunteering,...
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