Internship Report

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The purposes of internship are to apply the theories and knowledge that students have learnt from their professors during lessons and practice them through real situations like actual work in an institution. In another word, internship helps students to consolidate their knowledge. Also, students can prepare themselves with the knowledge and skills required in the reality for their future careers. For me, it is a test of different kinds of abilities and a chance to improve my weaknesses.

As requested, our CGA students should undergo an internship during the 2012 winter vacation. I found my internship job in a high school in Hong Kong, where I used to study. I worked there as a school accountant. The internship started on 3rd January and ended on 3rd March, with a total of sixty-one days.

My duties can be divided into three parts: (1) Accounting, (2) Clerical work, and (3) Miscellaneous work. The accounting work that I had to do was mainly to collect and check the accounting materials, and to record the financial transactions, which is bookkeeping. It is related to bank statements, receipts, checks, cash book, petty cash book, journals, T-accounts, trial balance, and so on. The clerical work that I did was to record, type and distribute minutes, parents reply slips, exam papers, essays, etc. I also did filing work and scanning work, as the school has to keep a copy of all the documents. Besides, I had many kinds of miscellaneous duties. For example, I worked as a waiting-room supervisor in an oral exam, answered phone calls, delivered messages and documents, shredded confidential documents, drew the school floor plan for the Open Day, decorated some display boards, etc.

I received my accounting work from the accountant head, Helen. She usually had a stack of checks and receipts collected from the teachers, and I had to record them into petty cash book and cash book. After that, I had to record them in general journal and T-accounts. Also, before I handed them back to Helen, I had to double check the entries that I finished by comparing the materials, cash book and general journal. I also had to make a trial balance at the end of every month to sum up a month’s income and expenses. Besides, my duty is to collect the receipts from teachers to Helen, and remind teachers to claim their money on time. I also had to count the total hours of overtime work of the workers for calculating the workers’ salaries.

There is no doubt that I have gained a lot from my internship, including the knowledge in accounting. The internship has also enhanced my self development. Generally, I have become more confident of myself. I have also learnt to be more patient, more mature when dealing with people, etc. Moreover, I have found that my generic skills like problem-solving, self-management, time management, collaboration, IT and numeracy have improved.

When problems occur, I learnt to enquire the questions clearly. It is to make sure there is no misunderstood. This will avoid making mistake and wasting time. In the working environment, quality and speed are both important. After the

Besides, my skills of self-management and time management have improved. I learnt to do my work carefully as well as efficiently. Usually, you will have more than one work to do at the same time. To finish all of them on time, I should do the work as soon as I receive it. Also, you should do our work before the deadline, as you don’t know if you will have more work to deal with at the same time. Also, if you rush to finish your work, you will easily make mistakes.

I have also developed multi-tasking skill. When I was doing my internship, I have usually received several work at the same time. Therefore, I learnt to set priorities in work in order to do my work efficiently. Also, I learnt to set up plans before I do my work. It helps you to do the work in a more systematic manner. At last, I think I have become a more...
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