Long-Range Career Objectives I

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Please provide a statement outlining your immediate educational and long-range career objectives in relation to your chosen field. If there is a particular faculty member with whom you wish to study, please give that person's name and explain why you want to study with that person. You may also wish to include other information, such as any undergraduate research experience, internships, or other experiences you may have had to document your preparation for advanced study in your chosen field. My future plan is to achieve the CPA of America and work in a renown accounting firm or in the finance department of companies. I think by learning in your school can give me a better opportunity fulfill my future professional development. What’s more, by learning taxation and accounting for two years in my own country, I developed a personal interest in those fields. I believe America’s outlook and teaching of accounting is very unique and efficient. In order to have a better understanding of this concept I would like to study at your school. Here I want to share my internship experience with you. I was fortunate to be chosen as an intern in the taxation department of Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu. My job here is to assist the senior manger to do some search and document revised work. Working here not only gives me a better understanding about my professional knowledge but my future career development. It also gives me a chance to find out how a successful company operates and what makes a qualified staff for that company. The DTT has very comprehensive and effective information sharing and communication system. In which it will make sure every staff member has easy access for use. For instance, I was only an intern there, but I can visit every internet resource and store documents in all the DTT”s firms in China. In addition, I can make a direct conversation to my co-workers, including the partner of the company, immediately if needed. The significance of these...
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