“Product and Service Marketing Strategy of Cellphone Industry: Study on Grameenphone”

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At the end of the BBA Program we are required to do an internship from any reputed organization and based on this we are supposed to submit a report to our respective faculty supervisor. The objective of this internship report is to achieve theoretical knowledge about business administration and practical knowledge. I got the opportunity to do my internship program from Grameenphone Ltd therefore I have decided to do an internship report on “Product and service marketing strategy of cellphone industry: Study on Grameenphone." Internship program is basically a three month duration program where I worked under the Internet and broadband commercial division.


The main objectives are as follows and we have divided them into some broad and specific objectives. These are given below: Broad Objective

The major objective of this Internship Program is to get the practical experience in the job sector.

Specific Objectives

 To know about the working environment and culture of Grameenphone

 To know the responsibility and duty undertaken by the Commercial Division of Grameenphone Ltd

 To learn about the job responsibility of the Grameenphone Division

 To find how well the company meet the compliance


The scope of this internship report is limited by the information given by the supervisor of Grameenphone Ltd since there is lots of confidential information which they are not willing to disclose. Therefore the scope of this report is limited up to the Grameenphone’s product and feature and also about the other operator’s package and feature.


For preparing the internship report both primary and secondary data have been taken. For primary data the information has been taken from the Grameenphone Ltd head office where much information can be collected from there. For the secondary data the information has been taken from the annual report of Grameenphone, Company websites and the marketing book.

Primary information has been taken directly from the Grameenphone Ltd head office during the three months internship program. Starting the regular office from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM for three months internship report has been completed. During this period I get to know about the activities they perform under the internet and broadband commercial division. The basic activities are to provide fixed internet and broadband connection in both rural and urban areas such as- Wimax, WiFi, internet modem etc. Since my target customers in internship report were the subscribers therefore I had to make survey on different subscriber base.

For the completion of the internship report Microsoft office have been used. Microsoft word has been used for the completion of the report. In addition to this Microsoft Excel has been used for calculation and graphical analysis.


During preparation of this Internship report I faced several limitations about the topic. This are-

o Difficult to disclose primary information

o Inadequate Information

o Difficult to find out the accurate satisfaction level of Customers

Chapter 2
Company Profile

Company overview

Grameenphone is now the leading telecommunication service provider in the country with  more than 39 million subscribers as of July 2012.. Presently, there are about 95 million telephone users in the country, of which, a little over one million are fixed-phone users and the rest mobile phone subscribers. Starting its operations on March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh, It is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation. Now GP is the largest mobile telecommunications operator in Bangladesh by revenue and subscriber base. GP was one of the first mobile phone operators to launch GSM service in Bangladesh. GP was also one of the first operators in Bangladesh to offer subscribers...
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