Mobilelink Assinment

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Marketing Pages: 9 (2675 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Executive Summary - The organization chosen by me is "Mobilink GSM" for research. The Mobilink GSM is one of the top companies in Pakistan which provides cellular, various blackberry services with broadband, voice and data network. Method for data collection used is secondary data collection method taking data from website, using book content and used data from lecture slides and word files in Breo. included data gathered from customers (colleague and friends ) to know more about how website of Mobilink GSM effect them and help them in acknowledgment of current and future tariffs, plans and facilities.

By research, with bottomless study and deep analysis of web applications which company offer to stakeholders and customers and then this report is made. analysing on the basis of enterprise application by four major applications 1. enterprise system, 2. supply chain management systems, 3. Customer relationship management systems 4. knowledge management system.

After the research on basis the information gathered we are able to answer the question that arise like how Mobilink GSM business model works, the online value proposition, how online system helps enterprises to generate revenue, what are market group, and what are its strategies to overcome from competitors. also their policies for Customer Relationship Management. Their web application system is containing extremely high-quality stuff. as they are the best voice data, broadband, cellular provider company in the country. which reflects in their vision to get excellence in service providing with innovative solution for customer with exceeding shareholder value and employee expectations.

Introduction -
Mobilink GSM is the expertise and leader of market in cellular and blackberry service provider. in effort of bringing excellence technology solutions for customer it has achieved more than 35 million number of subscription and the counting is on rapidly. Being a leader of the marker in carry a big brand name. it's broadband services are next generation internet technology. Mobilink has invested USD $ 3.9 billion to set up the standard of excellent uninterrupted connectivity from anywhere in the country. it is the only service provider in the Pakistan which provides roaming services in more than 140 countries.

It has variety of offers and tariff plans that cover a big group of people including individuals , corporate businesses to multinational person. in order to customer satisfaction both post-paid (Indigo) and Prepaid (JAZZ & JAZBA) services are provided. and these services are the best in best in cellular industries. the best network coverage is the strength of the company. website provides whole details of services and value added services in details.

Mobilink Showing it's cognisant towards Corporate Social Responsibility. it has made an Mobilink Foundation which works for free Education, healthcare and hygienic environmental initiatives .

A. Use and implementation of digital information system by Mobilink-

By the change of technology has changed the social relation and comprise a new social sphere, almost without Borders worldwide electronics market and large-scale Internet-based conversation around the world of open source software development communities, transnational corporate production systems and global knowledge - Arenas with NGO network. the way now a days the digitized form, "the emergence of ever-changing computer technology and a wide range of social backgrounds basis of what happens in cyberspace. one must be aware of the technical capabilities of digital technology. More importantly, the digital formations as a new field of study in the field of social sciences, and in considering globalization.

Web Applications -

Web applications are the contents and software which helps to make a website more attractive and dynamic. so that more customer or user will visit it. the organization for my research is using many web...
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