Internnational Negotiations Reflective Essay

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Final Reflective Essay

To begin with, I would like to say that the course of International Negotiations was very important for me. It lasted only two weeks but this time was enough to understand many things, to have good lessons and real negotiations that changed my life. It is not “loud words”; it is what I feel like now.

First of all, the course began with meeting people of the group, learning nationalities and understanding what is real international negotiations are. In different tasks of lesson I tried to know more about the way of doing negotiations with different people. I am convinced that different ways of thinking and cultures make negotiations special. You can know rules of doing negotiations but it is not all. You also need to know a person, sometimes his culture and set of mind. These two weeks showed me that different cultural sets of mind are very difficult to overcome. In some moments I could not do it and I lost because of it. However, this is the point of international negotiations when you are dealing with different people from other countries.

First negotiations in this class showed me that I was not prepared well for them. It was difficult for me, because I was not sure if I was negotiating in the right way or not. I think that when you have real negotiations you have more time to do your homework, to set up your goals and results which you want to get. It is always easier when you know your target, points which you can lose or gain. In my case, I realized how to do it after the third lesson when we tried to negotiate about multiple issues. Negotiations are not simple things. Sometimes you need to lose in some moments to gain in main one. Now I can see it, I can feel when it is important something for a person or not. In negotiations you always have a chance to know it. If somebody gives up very quickly it means that this issue or moment does not play a great role for him. Moreover, in the beginning of this course I thought that I am...
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