International Selling

Topics: Culture, Sales, Selling Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: July 24, 2008
There are a few cultural factors in international selling. Culture is the distinctive way of life of a person that is not biologically transmitted and it will be passed on from one generation to another, evolving and changing over time. Sales approach should be adapted for different cultures, with regarding to issues like Aesthetics, Religion, Education, Language and Social Organisation.

Aesthetics is a non material cultural factor which may have an influence on the development of overseas market which refers to culture’s idea concerning beauty and good taste together with an appreciation of colour and form. The company should be sensitive to local preferences, taste and items such as company logos. An attempt should be made to understand this symbolism and turn it to positive selling advantage.

Religion, a material culture and aesthetics are outward manifestation of a culture and give an indication of how consumers in a particular culture behave. The firm selling overseas records an understanding of why consumers behave in that way. The religion practiced by a culture can give insights into its member’s behaviour. Therefore, a company must be aware of religious differences in its foreign markets and be prepared to make adaptation both in selling operations and the products themselves.

Education gives the firm an insight into the nature and sophistication of consumers in different countries. In marketing a new product in a foreign country, the firm is trying to educate consumers in uses and benefits of the product. The success of the sales communication is determined by the level of education within the culture. If consumers are large illiterate, then the company may need to modify into diagrams to meet the educational level and skills.

Language of culture is important. For example, a literal translation by someone not familiar with it deeper cultural meaning may result to serious mistakes. If the brand name is standardized worldwide in English, it...
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