International Marketing

Topics: Marketing, International trade, Free trade Pages: 11 (1963 words) Published: March 5, 2011
1. Many U.S. firms do exceedingly well in the global arena. Which of the following organizations is considered to be the U.S. leader with global revenues approximated at $285 billion annually? (Points: 1) IBM

Ford Motor
Wal-Mart Stores

2. Considering the model of the international marketing task displayed in the text, which of the following reasons demonstrates the most important difference between the international marketer's task and that of the domestic marketer? (Points: 1) The international marketer must deal with at least two levels of uncontrollable uncertainty instead of one. The international marketer must rely on at least two levels of controllable certainty instead of one. The international marketer is never certain about demand. The international marketer is never certain about supply. All of the above are valid differences between the international and domestic marketing task.

3. Which of the following would be the BEST illustration of the “alien status” found in the political and legal arena that sometimes cause problems for international marketers as they attempt to do business in foreign countries? (Points: 1) A company in the U.K. recently purchased Ben & Jerry's ice cream operations. The Indian government told Coca-Cola that it must reveal its “secret formula” if it wished to continue do business in India. Richard Branson's Virgin Cola was not widely accepted in the United States. French Canadians prefer French to English when conducting business in Canada. None of the above is a good illustration of the political/legal forces issue.

4. The Ajax Corporation has decided to enter the international marketing arena by marketing its products on a country-by-country basis, with separate marketing strategies for each country. The company is using which of the following concepts to formulate its international policies and strategies? (Points: 1) Domestic market extension concept

Multidomestic market concept
Global marketing concept
Universal marketing concept
Standardized marketing concept

5. The United States has many successful trade relationships. Four of these relationships account for a tremendous volume of trade. All of the following countries are among the top four producers of trade for the U.S. EXCEPT: (Points: 1) Canada


6. A(n) ________ is simply a tax imposed by a government on goods entering at its borders. (Points: 1) quota
trade penalty

7. Tall Pine Plywood Company has just received notice that a shipment of plywood (2 metric tons) has been rejected by Japanese customs because the knotholes commonly found on a plywood sheet are too large. This would be an illustration of which of the following nontariff barriers to trade? (Points: 1) quota

predatory pricing

8. All of the following permeate many facets of Japanese behavior EXCEPT: (Points: 1) loyalty to family
the strong drive to cooperate
the strong desire to work together for a common cause loyalty to company
the desire to form partnerships with other nations

9. ____________ is the study of the earth's surface, climate, continents, countries, peoples, industries, and resources. (Points: 1) Culture

10. Larry Lam has the responsibility of doing a geographic appraisal for his company as it attempts to build a manufacturing facility in Borneo. Which of the following elements of geography will be of particular interest to Mr. Lam as he prepares an appraisal...
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