Globalization: Marketing

Topics: Marketing, International trade, Trade Pages: 3 (698 words) Published: June 10, 2010
1.What is the danger in oversimplifying the globalization approach? Would you agree with the statement that “if something is working in a big way in one market, you better assume it will work in all markets”?

Globalization and International marketing is quite different from each other, the primary difference being the two is; global and international marketing management is that global marketing management is guided by the global concept which views the world one market and is based on indentifying and targeting cross-cultural similarities. There are at least three factors that help define the global approach to international marketing: 1. The world is viewed as a market.

2. Homogeneous market segments are sought across country markets. 3. Standardization of the market mix is sought whenever possible but adapted whenever culturally necessary. Using the information that is mentioned above, we can state the danger of oversimplifying globalization. With globalization being a broad concept, if marketer insist on oversimplifying the approach it will be disastrous to them. All company wish that they can venture their business globally but most often quite a few of them fall short. When a company decides to go global they must remember globalization looks at the world as one market, but they need to remember that they cannot treat all the markets as one nor the same way they treat their home markets. Each country has their own cultures, norms, way of life and their own way in doing certain things, which often it is done differently from the way the consumers form the marketer’s home market do. By treating all the markets the same way the marketer will be bound to find themselves in problems, in most extreme product failure. So when deciding to go globally the marketer must think thoroughly about what they are getting into and all the aspects of globalization and understand the concept as fully as possibly. So that they won’t look at it too narrowly and fail....
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