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Topics: Critical path method, Project management, 1945 Pages: 4 (678 words) Published: January 14, 2013

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The assignment of project management

Task 1

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Name: Wenhua CAI
Tutor: Mr. Micheal Cassop-Thompson
Student number: 129057794
Submit Date: 7th January 2013

Pages 1The network diagram2
2The timing of activities and the total flat.2
3The project duration and the critical path.2
4The Duration of Project2
5Activity B, P and O delay reasons3
6The limitations of Network diagrams.3
8Appendix 1.05

1. The network diagram

‘A network diagram is originally a flow chart that includes all of the project events and relation of each activity.’  (Rick A. Morris) 

The network diagram (Appendix 1.0) has been drawn out accordingly to the table for Mangeist Ltd for present activities and timetable it takes to customer forklift trucks for its customers.

2. The timing of activities and the total flat.

Activity A to activity Q go through the network diagram (Appendix 1) are using forward and backward. From earliest start time (ES) and earliest finish time (EF) that called a forward pass. The backward pass is start from right to left which uses the activity latest start time (LS), latest finish time (LF) and total float (TF). At the same time, duration is provided in the activity data.

3. The project duration and the critical path.

This project of duration uses 88 days for completion, which is using LST to add up together with the duration of the activity. Critical paths generally have two kinds, which are zero and negative total float. So the project critical paths are activity A→D→G→H→I→K→L→M→N→P→Q. The zero float showed in the activities are indicate as the critical path or critical activities.

4. The Duration of Project

If the project begins on 7th January 2013(Monday), even as the project duration is 88 days and assuming there are no holidays and using a 5 day working...
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