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Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
Cisco Networking Academy Program 3

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Overview and Objectives

The following case study is used to illustrate the process and documentation required for a network design. This case study presents a scenario in which the XYZ Research Company has hired a Network Consultant Group to design their network. In order to help you organize this project, the scenario has been broken into eight phases listing requirements for each phase. A worksheet is to be completed for each part. A formal report, similar to what would be given to the company, will need to be created after all tasks have been completed.

This case study requires that you accomplish the following:

1. • Use the resources provided, diagram and narrative, to set up the physical network

2. • Set up an IP subnetting scheme using VLSM

3. • Configure the routers as required

4. • Set up and configure the switches and VLANs as required

5. • Verify and troubleshoot all connections

6. • Provide detailed documentation in the appropriate format

7. • Provide a written final report


The XYZ Research Company is small company that is developing high-speed wireless products. The main office occupies two buildings in Sydney. One building is for the Administration Group. The other building is for the Sales and Marketing Group, and the larger Research and Development Group. The Research Group and the Sales and Marketing Group will each have employees located on all three floors of the main building. The XYZ Research Company also has a Sales Branch Office located in Melbourne.

The company is implementing a wired network that should support 100% growth over the next five to ten years. A logical diagram has been provided. The task is to design, implement and fully document the XYZ Research Company network. In addition to a formal report, the XYZ Research would like to see a prototype of the network built, before it is fully implemented, to verify that it will meet the company’s needs.

1.Phase 14
1.2.VLSM Design7
2.Phase 2 - Routing Protocols10
5.Physical Layer Design13
6.Network Testing14

Phase 1

The XYZ Research Company has provided a partially completed logical diagram of the required network. The company has also provided networking equipment for development and demonstration. In some instances the equipment provided does not have all the required LAN interfaces. If this is so the company allows configuration of loopback networks, as alternatives.

XYZ Research Company Requirements
• 18 employees in the Research and Development group.

• 9 employees in the Sales and Marketing group.

• 7 employees in the Administration group.

• 5 employees in the remote sales office.

• Lifetime Max of 5 servers on separate subnet, regardless of company growth.

• Use subnet for connection to the Internet router.

• Use public class C network for internal addressing.

• Use VLSM for IP addressing.

• Expect 100% growth of current IP requirements when determining size of subnets.

• All networking devices must have IP addresses

1. Produce a logical diagram that includes:

• Router and switch names

• Router interface details

• Network addresses

• Number of hosts per network

• DCE Serial interfaces are to be clearly indicated

• Link Speeds

2. The company expects the use of VLSM Design to maximize the use of IP addresses. A table is to be produced showing all possible subnets that meet the Companies requirements using a VLSM design. Subnets that will not be used are to be clearly identified in the table.

1 Diagram

2 VLSM Design

|Name |Size...
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