International Comparison Uk-Mexico

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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International Comparison Homework

Write down a report where you compare 2 cultures internationally (max. 10 pages). Feel free to choose any 2 cultures you want, but make sure those are useful for your future plans or if not, explain if those are just a result of a general interest of you. It will always be better if you can devote time to revise how this homework can be useful for your international career. Examples of usefulness can be because you are going to study abroad to this county (culture), or because you are interested in doing business with this country (culture) or because you have personal reasons to know more about this country (culture). If you know that another classmate is working the same(s) country (ries) (culture (s)), make sure you do not deliver the same report. It might be difficult not to use one or two similar sources, but it should not be the same report. Each HW should be done individually. You may include more variables if you want, but at least your comparison should include a summary of the following aspects:

National variables: Economic system, legal system, political system, physical situation, technological know-how.

Sociocultural variables: Religion, education, language.

Cultural variables: Values, norms, beliefs.

Attitudes: For example to work, time, materialism, individualism, change.

Individual and group employee job behavior: Motivation, productivity, commitment, ethics.

Remember, in your report, to write down your references and to give credit to authors. You can use tables, graphs and pictures to illustrate your points.
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