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Topics: Management, Negotiation, 2008 Summer Olympics Pages: 2 (312 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Tutorial 6 – Chapter 5
Cross-cultural Negotiation & Decision-making

Tutorial activity 1:
Ongoing Semester Case Study – Businessville Hotel.

All over China and in Beijing in particular, plans were put in place to host the world’s biggest sporting event – the 2008 Olympic Games. Although the games are now over, other major sporting events are to be held in Beijing and the manager of the Beijing Businessville Hotel wants to attract the Swiss National Shooting team to stay in his hotel. He wants to start negotiating with the manager of the Swiss team. He knows that the Swiss National team are always one of the favourites and this will bring good publicity to his hotel. He needs to carefully select members of his staff to plan and execute the negotiation process.

Prepare a draft plan for the negotiation process. Consider the Five point negotiation process discussed in the lecture.

Tutorial activity 2: Conflict resolution

Western mangers like to resolve conflict directly and explicitly whereas Eastern managers like to avoid dealing with conflict directly – they prefer a more indirect and implicit manner to resolve conflict. As an Australian manager dealing with Chinese, Indian and Malaysian staff, how would you deal with a serious breach of company protocol by your staff? How would you investigate the matter, identify who has breached company protocol, impart punishment and ensure that this does not happen again?

Tutorial activity 3:
Facilitation Case Study.

Consider the case study ‘Negotiations between Alcatel of France and Lucent of the US finally result in deal in 2006’ on pages 188-190 of your textbook and prepare discussion points for the five questions at the end.

Tutorial activity 4:
In-class multi-choice quiz.

Your tutor will print out the quiz and administer in class. Students will be given 10 mns to attempt the quiz. Your tutor will then discuss the solutions in class.
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