Intel Case Study

Topics: Culture, Team, Management Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Intel was founded in 1968 by Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce, two physicists that decided to leave Fairchild Semiconductor and start their new business in integrated circuitry. Even since the early days Intel has had a history of innovation. In 1971 Intel introduced the world’s first microprocessor the 4004, and then went public at $23.50 a share raising $6.8 million. The very next year in 1972 Intel entered the then new digital watch market with the purchase of Microma, which was a small firm with a prototype liquid crystal display, what we know today as the LCD. Being on the leading edge of innovation Intel shifted its focus in the 1980s to microprocessors after IBM introduced the first personal computer, changing its fundamental aspects of its business model. The microprocessor would be the product that really puts Intel on the map, being the primary hardware supplier to the personal computer industry until the late 1990s. Staying innovative, in the year 2000 Intel introduced its first wireless product and its first value segmented microprocessor, the Intel XScale and Intel Celeron respectively. In 2007 Intel was completely integrated in all Macintosh computers produced by Apple. As the innovative technology at Intel continues to grow by leaps and bounds the microprocessors keep getting smaller and smaller with nanotechnology.

With a presence in 46 different countries, Intel is truly a global organization on a grand scale. Intel has had to create facilities in many different countries to meet demand for its products around the globe. Being a global organization they have many different obstacles to overcome when collaborating with team members who are from different cultures such as not being able to read body language, cultural differences, and language barriers. Having teams in so many different countries helps to provide alternate perspectives when working on projects because not all cultures see the world as we do in the United States of America....
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