Brand Marketing

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Brand marketing

1. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Intel inside campaign?

Intel wanted to develop a trademark name for its processor family, Intel became one of the leading companies in the PC boom, enjoying virtually unchallenged market leadership through 1990’s where as the company as PC industry slowed in the early 2000’s. The company had different strengths and weaknesses through out there campaigns. One of the biggest strength of the company was push strategy to more of a pull strategy and began to redirect its advertisement efforts away from computer manufacturers to actual computer buyers. One of the other strength of the company was to create awareness among people that what Intel is really about. Intel used logo based around the world “Intel Inside” which shows what really is inside the computer. Strength of the campaign was to use the coop marketing funds to share PC OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) advertising expenses. Intel also developed and advertising program to build equity. Intel then started with ad campaigns which includes television ad, print ad on billboard around some metropolitan markets and then they prepared a small booklet which also detail capabilities of Intel microprocessor chip. The revolution of next generation processor also helped Intel Inside to grow even higher. The weaknesses of the campaign were its competitor which build same processors with same name and could sell with fewer prizes. With this the people would not differentiate between what Intel Inside and other company’s manufacturers. The company spent a lot over billions to its ad campaign .
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