Integrated Marketing Communications

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Graphic design Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Hamdard is one the increasing number of organizations who recognize and value their brands as strategic assets that are built through deeds, not merely words or images. While there has been a noticeable increase in more traditional marketing and communications among product and service companies, marketers at Hamdard believe that the right starting point is a thorough examination of how the brand is built today. It begins with identifying each point of interaction, or brand “touch point,” between the company and its constituents, where the “deeds” of brand building are actually carried out. Here, a company can uncover he various opportunities for its brand to be positively upheld or negatively represented. Rooh Afza since its early stage has remained a beverage that every Pakistani living in Pakistan and abroad can easily relate to. And especially, the individuals living aboard consider Rooh Afza part of their growing up and their life back at homeland. It takes a long phase and successful journey for a product to reach such a stage, a stage Rooh Afza is without doubt present in. Since 1907, when the first stock reached the retail stores, till today when the bottles stand one shelves displaying their real essence of being a true health oriented drink that has its strong brand identity established over the years. It is therefore Rooh Afza out of the Hamdard line of products that generates almost 50% revenue that’s make it a true star product. Rooh Afza is associated with the red color health drink that helps people to regain their spirit and their lost strength of the day, making them feel good as new and full of energy, using the same brand name on other extensions might not have that great an impact Rooh Afza drink had. Rooh Afza, at present represents a great opportunity for the agency to flex is creative muscle. The red colored sherbet made with Unani formulations are no longer the fuddy-duddy household drinks of the yore. It has been repositioned...
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