Mkt 571 Week 6

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The learning team has decided to develop a product launch plan for the Apocalypse Now bar and Agent Orange mixed drink, with accompanying apparel, in both the Korean and Philippines markets. This product launch plan will address the product description, product positioning, targeting, market needs, market growth potential, a complete SWOT analysis, coverage of the competition, marketing strategy, pricing plan, marketing communications plan, distribution strategy, and a review of all the marketing research conducted. The product launch plan starts with a product description. Product Description

The products that the Apocalypse Now bar will be selling are the Agent Orange mixed drink and accompanying Apocalypse bar and Agent Orange mixed drink apparel. The Agent Orange mixed drink will consist of a proprietary list of several different ingredients and be served over ice in a mug. As an incentive for purchasing the Agent Orange mixed drink, customers will be given a souvenir shirt if they successfully finish the drink. The team decided to use a promotion to start to product launch because the successful “use of incentive-type promotions to attract new triers, to reward loyal customers, and to increase the repurchase rates of occasional users. Sales promotions often attract brand switchers, who are primarily looking for low price, good value, or premiums. Sales promotions generally are unlikely to turn them into loyal users, although they may be induced to make some subsequent purchases.” (Kotler & Keller, 2007) As a result, the team decided that product positioning is critical to the success of the venture. Product Positioning

The team decided to position the Apocalypse Now bar, Agent Orange mixed drink and accompanying apparel as a high quality, customer responsive alternative to the competition. The team realized that “Product positioning involves creating a unique, consistent, and recognized customer perception about a firm’s offering and image. A product or service may be positioned on the basis of an attitude or benefit, use or application, user, class, price, or level of quality. It targets a product for specific market segments and product needs at specific prices.” (Marketing Plans, 2007) The current market place is saturated with inferior products offered by competitors. The Apocalypse Now bar will only use quality brands for all of its product offerings to ensure that the market positioning creates a unique and quality brand. By doing so, the Apocalypse Now bar can differentiate itself from the competition and create a new niche in the marketplace for a high-quality, customer first establishment for a target market. Targeting

The target market of the Apocalypse Now bar is slightly different in Korea location than in the Philippines location. The Korea location is situated near a U.S. military base and the target market is predominately U.S. military members, adult family members, retirees and contract personnel. In addition, the team decided that it would be prudent to attract Korean civilians as well because it would be unwise to exclude such a large population from target market. In contrast, the target market for the Philippines location is mainly tourists. The tourism industry in the Philippines is exploding and by being the first to be established as a high-quality alternative to the competition, Apocalypse Now bar is well positioned in the marketplace. However, many members of the area around the Korean location area are also visitors to the Philippines and by utilizing the Apocalypse Now bar name, Agent Orange mixed drink and accompanying apparel in both locations, a cross pollination marketing effect will occur and a market need will be addressed.

Market Needs
The Apocalypse Now bar is servicing the local communities as a themed establishment that has a friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, excellent service and high-quality products at low...
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