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Target Customers:
Hookah Lounges: The lounges serving hookah, which are generally found in college areas and urban areas.

College Age Residents: College students who seek an alternative to bars and parties on their campuses seek out different experiences. Hookah provide such an experience because of their exotic ambiance, colorful atmosphere, focus on group dynamics, and the element of danger/risk provided by smoking. Furthermore, those between the ages of 18 and 21 can frequent hookah bars while they cannot go to many bars that serve alcohol.

Young Professionals: 22-40 year-old professionals who are tired with bar culture sometimes react against it by looking for other activities. They seek activities for which they can congregate with friends, talk, and share a new experience.

Cost of the Product
Cost of the product is fixed (after taking care of all expenses incurred) ranging from Rs. 250/- to 1250/- for a Hukkah (Price varying depending upon the size of Hukkah). This cost is very reasonable and easily affordable by our target customers. Cost of a pack of flavor is fixed at Rs. 80/- each.

Making of the Project

The innovation brought in the project was efforts of thought management of all the members to make smoking hookah more comfortable without the discomfort of burning coal. •Product endorsement focuses on disadvantages of smoking so that to attract smokers to quit smoking and take hookah. •Our brand name was kept in mind keeping alive the Arabic Theme where hookah is mostly commonly used. Add on we also wanted to stay to the ‘taste’ factor which our flavors provide with. Thus Al-Laziz (Laziz meaning tasty in urdu) was the best possible combined brand name available. •The surrogate product was chosen while keeping in mind to anyhow endorse the flavors of hookah to keep it’s relativity with hookah alive. •The TVC shot, being a surrogate ad majorly focused on keeping the brand name alive in market, and...
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