Hung Fook Tong in Hk

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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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Hung Fook Tong is introduced in 1986s. It is a local brand in Hong Kong. It opened its first herbal outlet in Kwai Chung. The brand image is healthiness, professional and kindness. Its mission cultivates Chinese herbal culture. The slogan of this brand is”真心製造‧自然流露”. It means it persists to use genuine ingredients and preservatives in products. Producing and developing quality products with the philosophy of making pastorally in mind, it manages to provide herbal beverages, as good as homemade drinks. Its products are made according to climate changes and customers' needs, and under the monitoring of its Chinese-medicine consultants. It became the first enterprise in Hong Kong & Macau to own the honors of “National Intangible Cultural Heritage” for specific formulas and related franchised jargons confirmed by the State Council of the People's Republic of China in 2007. Its product range includes fresh made products, pre-made products and homemade brand products. It won many awards from government and other social organizations. The awards also included Hong Kong Top Brand Awards and Superbrands in Hong Kong. Furthermore, it got identification of the Hong Kong Q Mark Product which its products are fulfilled the Q Mark criteria set by the Hong Kong Q Mark Council.

Handmade soup is one of the key products of Hung Fook Tong. As People want to drink something hot during winter, we can boost to sale this product. When the demands of hot beverage increase, we can follow the trend to provide a range of hot handmade soup to the market. So we launch this campaign.
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