Integrated Communication Information Essay

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“Essay topic 2
dvertisements that engage consumers on emotional levels will be most effective. Discuss.” Discuss - “Talk or write about (a topic) in detail, taking into account different ideas and opinions” Advertisements that engage consumers on emotional levels will be most effective. Discuss. Skeleton reading list:

Albers-Miller N D and Stafford M (1999) An international analysis of emotional and rational appeals in services versus goods advertising Journal of Consumer Marketing Vol 16 No. 1 pp. 42-57 Binet, L and Field P. (2009) Empirical Generalizations about Advertising Campaign Success. Journal of Advertising Research, Jun2009, Vol. 49 Issue 2, p130-133 Du Plessis E (2005) The Advertised Mind London Millward Brown and Kogan Page Ltd Mattila A S (1999) Do emotional appeals work for services? International Journal of Service Industry Management Vol 10 N0 3 pp. 292-307 O’Shaughnessy J and O’Shaughnessy N J (2003) The Marketing Power of Emotion, Oxford, Oxford University Press O’Shaughnessy J and O’Shaughnessy N J (2004) Persuasion in Advertising London Routledge Singh S (2006) Impact of color on marketing. Management Decision Vol 44 N0 6 2006 pp. 783-789

Assignment Introduction
In this assignment I will be discussing the concept of “Advertisements that engage consumers on emotional levels will be most effective.” I will look at this statement to consider if emotional advertisements are really more effective then rational advertisements. As agreed by most marketing scholars that the two most important advertising appeals are, emotional and rational these two types of appeals make up most of the advertisements we see in our everyday life. Emotional and rational appeals have been studied thoroughly and comprehensively thorough the 20th century. As many advertisers try the most suitable advertising appeal for their product or either their service, as consumers...
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