Analyzing Verbal Abusive Relationships

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Analyzing Verbal Abusive Relationships

Pictures are said to be worth a million words. But have you ever taken a moment to analyze a picture such as an Ad or a commercial? Most commercials or ads persuade you to buy something that they are selling usually by cheesy actors or delicious looking food. A majority of these ads are targeted to specific age groups, whether it is for kids, teens, adults, or elders. But others are unanticipated manifestations. For example, the smoking commercials, these commercials show smokers who have serious health problems that affected their life. These ads use subliminal yet informational text, image, or media and other effects to make an impact. Many Ads can be analyzed with Aristotle’s appeals; the images provided can also be analyzed with the three appeals which are ethos, pathos, and logos.

One appeal that’s used to analyze a picture is ethos. Ethos is basically credibility of the author. Viewers are only going watch, read, or listen to something that’s worth it or advertised by a specific company. Anyone who created an advertisement always takes credit for their work and makes a point to show you who is responsible for the ad. The images provided are definitely used for an advertisement and in this case it’s used for verbal abuse and awareness of it. On the bottom of both of these advertisements they have helplines to call to help those who are being verbally abused. With this being shown you can tell this ad was strictly for those who felt they are a victim of being verbally abused. Notice how both ads are targeted for different age groups. One ad is for teenage girls and the other is for middle-aged women but both show that there is help for both victims at the same hotline number.

Another appeal that’s used to analyze a picture is pathos. Pathos is the emotional side of analyzing. These ads persuade a viewer's emotions. We instantly feel awful for both the girl and the women from the image. Looking at the image of...
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