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Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Airline Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Throughout the article we know that Pegasus Airlines is one of the best airlines in Turkey. The secret behind the success of the airlines was continuity of developing to meet passenger expectations and priorities. For example, Pegasus has put in place a yield management strategy for ticket pricing, using the strategy of Southwest Airlines of North America as an example. Pegasus has also developed a credit/loyalty card which offers customers a range of benefits including insurance rate reductions and also developed a specific customer satisfaction guarantee policy to the customers. Pegasus also offers customer service experience at the airport such as providing exclusive allotments for the first 72 hours of parking with a valet parking option. As a result, Pegasus innovative customer service won the company an award for “Best Airline Business Price” in 2006. The marketing strategy applied by Pegasus Airlines has succeeded Pegasus as one of the most searched airline in Turkey on Google. Pegasus’ employees also work as a team to provide a democratic environment in which everyone shares their ideas freely. Continuous training also ensured regular career progression and high levels of motivation through a solid performance system and regular personal feedback. Pegasus’ strong word of mouth has also been important in the airline’s success and is reflected in the words of customers on a special Web site titled “Pegasus Listens to You.” This encourage customers to generate ideas for service improvement, to debate generic questions and topics relating to the airline’s management and services, and also to encourage customers to report problems they have encountered. As a conclusion, efficient management techniques and great marketing skills has ensured Pegasus as one of the successful airlines in Turkey.

1. Give examples of needs, wants and demands that Pegasus customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts. What are the implications of...
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