Innovation in Hospitality Industry

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Research and Report
“Client Information System (CIS)”

Lecturer:| Jeroen Greven| | |
Group Members:| Veronika Beshkova| 3HE| beve191187|
| Jamal Zakaria| 3HT| zaja110584|
| Binh Duc Tran| 3HE| trbi190889|
Submission Date: l7 May 2010Submitted to: Academic office Mr. Jeroen Greven |


This report comprises the concept about new innovation: “The client information system”; that we want to apply to the market for the purpose of serving hospitality industry. The report includes 6 major parts: Introduction of the product; the second part is literature preview based on the qualitative method of filtering information, to come up with the better possible ideas for our innovation. The next part is methodology, which explains the process and the method which was used to analyze the data and figures. The following part is the results that will describe the findings which have been identified after the primary research which is a survey and an interview with people related to the hospitality industry. The next is discussion where its mentioned about the strength, recommendations, the limitation that the innovation might have when applying to real life, from that researcher can improve the idea in the future. Finally comes the conclusion that will summarize the report and include some opinions and expectations of the innovation.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents3
Aims and Objectives4
Literature review4
1.How does the CIS work?6
3.New trend in hospitality industry8
Appendix 118
Appendix 218
Appendix 319
Appendix 420
Appendix 521
Appendix 621


During the last twenty years there are plenty of new developments in different fields. There are lots of different systems and methods to collect people personal information for security and services purposes. According to that and the speed of processing, most governments decide to rely on the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for quick service and accuracy information (, 2010). Based on that we decide to present to the world a new idea which is a beneficial innovation consisted of an international personal information database, based on internet website containing people’s profiles with information separated in several levels and categories. The innovation provides security and privacy protection and makes people’s life easier, saves their time and increase the general satisfaction level especially in the hospitality industry and other related industries.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research is to analyze the feasibility of the proposed product. In order to accomplish the aim of the research we will be taking under consideration the following: 1 Examine relevant theories and previous knowledge about the creation 2 Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the innovation. 3 Propose the new product accessible to different segments of society 4 Examine if the new product is going to be successful on the market place or not 5 Examine the benefits for guests and hotel properties

6 Analyzing the results and evaluating the possibility of further development of the proposed product.

Literature review

Nowadays, people are travelling from place to place and according to the statistic the numbers of national and international tourists are increasing every year. (Marcelo Risi, 2010). Also travelers are willing to spend more money in order to save time by looking for the quickest and most comfortable way like as: using new technology, booking online, new types of transportation, GPS, etc. (DiRamio, 2008). When travelers reach the destination point (the hotel), they will always need their rooms as fast as possible and if they don’t get it on time this can affect the...
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