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Sauna & Health
Hotel de Zwaan

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Period 2

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This research is about the implementation of an innovation for hotel de Zwaan. The innovation consists of offering sauna and massage facilities. This innovation will provide the guest with the possibility to have a relaxing experience. The focus for this innovation will be both the internal guests of the hotel as well as external guests. The main target group for his innovation is the middle-class leisure couple guests. The purpose of this research is to find out whether and in what way the specific segment will value the new service and to what extend they are willing to pay money for the provided service. Next a project is designed for the implementation of the innovation. The methods used fort his are techniques such as WBS and AOA, which both will be described and explained in the chapter project management. At the end of the research there will be some management decision making as well as the drawing of conclusions will be done.

Research Design:
For this research it is highly important to use management information such as information concerning occupancy percentages and spending patterns of the target groups. Something other that can be of high importance is the way the target groups make use of their leisure time and how the target group values certain facilities and services. Based on this information the management can make several decisions. These decisions can concern pricing as well as promotion channels.

The decisions that will be made with regard to the innovation will have a main effect on the guests of the hotel, this instead of the hotel’s employees. A few employees will be trained for save handling and explaining of the sauna. The main target groups of hotel de Zwaan are the elderly leisure guests, the middle class business people and the leisure couples. The main target group for this innovation will be the middle-class leisure couple guests. With use of this information the following problem statement has been designed.

Problem Statement:
What percentage of hotel de Zwaan’s middle-class leisure couple guests will be interested in this innovation of sauna and massage facilities and till what extent do these guests value the innovation?

Management objectives flow naturally form the problem statement, this according to Cooper & Schindler (2003) Moreover Cooper & Schindler explained a decision-based research in 9 steps, these steps include research planning, adequate analysis as well as reflection.

The research question’s aspects will lead to the information needed to answer the problem statement. These aspects will be concerning price factors; particularly willingness to pay/ the value towards the innovation, the competition, promotion of the innovation, trends, substitutes and safety factors.

Research questions:
* What are the main distinctions and interests of the middle-class leisure couple guests that visit Hotel de Zwaan? (Quantitative, In-depth Interview) * How do the middle-class leisure couple guests visiting hotel de Zwaan spend their leisure time during their stay at the hotel? (Quantitative, In-depth Interview) * How many competitors (other providers of sauna and massage facilities) are there within Raalte? (Qualitative, Observation) * What is the attitude from the middle-class leisure couple guests of hotel de Zwaan towards the trend of sauna and massage facilities? (Quantitative, Survey) * For what time units shall the sauna and massage facilities be consumed? (Qualitative, focus group) * What trainings are needed for the employees that will...
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