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Topics: National Football League, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Speech outline 3

Purpose statement of this speech is to convince listeners to become Atlanta Falcon Fans by educating them on the history and achievements of this football franchise. Thesis statement of this speech ; the Atlanta falcons are the premiere football team in the NFL but have recently been shown little respect. Why should you respect the Atlanta falcons a legitimate superbowl contenders. Since 2008 the Atlanta falcons have a record of 43-21 and 26-6 record at home during the same time period . four straight winning seasons and 3 playoff berths. With these type of numbers you would expect the team to be a super bowl contender in everyone’s eyes unfortunately this is not true. The majority of NFL fans do not consider the falcons to be one of the elite teams this is basically because of their lack of playoff wins 0-4 this has led to the falcons having a reputation of being good but not great when they need to be. All of this is true up until this year where the Falcons had a record of 13-3 and a divisional round playoff win against a highly favored Seattle Seahawks team. The falcons eventually lost in the NFC championship against the 49ers. I feel like the falcons are headed in the right direction with their first playoff win and will only continue to getbetter as their young core of players mature and gain experience. In conclusion I feel the Falcons should start getting the respect they deserve or its time for them to take their respect. With a young star quarterback in Matt Ryan the Falcons have a chance to build a dynasty and silence all their critics. With a few upgrade to the defense they defiantly have the potential to become super bowl champions
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