Infosys 3.0 Strategy

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Infosys Ltd.
Infosys is an Indian IT multinational. Its headquarters is in Bangalore and it has 7 other Indian development centres in Hyderabad, Pune, Trivandrum, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Mangalore and Chennai. It has a global presence in over 30 countries. Infosys was co-founded by 7 ex-Patni computer systems employees in 1981 with only $250 .Today with annual revenues of ~ $ 7 billion and a total workforce of 150,000+ employees, Infosys is the second largest software services provider in India superseded by only TCS. (Refer to appendix 1 for historical growth data) This Indian IT bellwether has been a trusted IT services provider along with business consulting, support and enhancement services, enterprise services and technology outsourcing services and serves a host of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in 20 domains. Its biggest clients include British Telecom, British petroleum, ABN AMRO, Southern California Edison, DHL, Bank of America, Citibank to name a few Infosys 3.0

Infosys has undertaken a major restructuring exercise, aligning their business units into 4 verticals – Retail (RETL), Financial (BFSI), Energy, Utility and Services (EUS) with 3 horizontals focussing on business transformation, innovation (products /platforms) and operations. One of the key strategies of Infosys is to embed consulting services within each business unit, present a unified solutions interface to the customers. Infosys envisaged the following 4 changes with this new strategy 1. Changing their market positioning from a simple IT services provider to a client focused end to end solutions provider 2. Changing the mind-set of the employees from just delivering a service to more entrepreneurial thinking 3. Changing the business model for revenue – from revenue per person billed per month, Infosys wanted to shift to simply revenue per employee. 4. Changing the way Infosys does risk management on its investments and taking a long term view of these investments. Further Infosys took a conscious decision to use their cash pile to make some good acquisitions in the consulting space. They recently acquired Lodestone – a Switzerland based consulting firm. All these changes were envisioned keeping the core value system of Infosys intact – CLIFE which stands for customer focus, leadership by example, integrity and transparency, fairness and excellence in execution Through Infosys 3.0, they aim to deliver the following to the clients - 1. Business operations – Business operation include traditional IT development, support, enhancement and validation services. Infosys aim to optimize these services and keep leveraging their core competencies as a technology services provider to generate tangible value for both clients and themselves. 2. Business transformation – Business transformation refers to niche IT and Management consulting. Infosys aims to help client enhance their existing businesses by changing the fundamental methods of the way the business is done. This can also include entry into new markets or implementing new best business practices. Infosys also helps its clients to align their people strategy, business processes and technology to the client’s core business strategy and vision. 3. Innovation – Innovation refers to product and platforms and how Infosys can partner with major enterprise software providers like Oracle and SAP on one side and the clients IT department on the other side. Infosys wants to achieve not only product development, but also product management and product marketing and sales expertise. Infosys is offering all these products on its own cloud platform. Infosys now aims to integrate business consulting with enterprise solutions delivery. Infosys now advises on data and control flow between different functional spectrums and measure the specific metrics across cost measures and performance measures across the entire value chain. Infosys now wants to provide end to end consulting to streamline...
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