Infosys B2B Plan

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  • Published : March 28, 2007
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Infosys – Marketing Plan
Submitted by: Avik Mukherjee, Amit Kamat, Kanjana V.

(I) The Challenges
1.Operating Challenge – expanding high end consulting across business units 2.Branding Challenge – developing a brand without advertising 3.Resource Challenge – scaling up for excellence

(II) Situation Analysis
Company Analysis
1.To differentiate itself from other IT outsourcing companies 2.To be considered amongst the top 3 slots in request for proposals •Culture
1.Quality culture – GDM model
2.Ethics culture
•SWOT Analysis of Infosys

•Better predictability
•GDM & PSPD modelsWeaknesses
•Lack global brand presence
•Failure to provide lucrative offers to tap Indian IT talents Opportunities
•Should get into more service lines and big-ticket deals, R&D and engineering services play and should increase their geographical reach •Increasing demand for IT services at domestic corporate levelThreats •Global majors are becoming quite big

•They should not ignore or underestimate the creativeness and capabilities of MNC competitors

Customer Analysis
Customers expect the IT service provider to have consulting / solution capability and ability to leverage GDM. Approximately 85 % of Infosys s business comes from repeat customers which signify high customer loyalty and satisfaction. Some of the clients of Infosys include Northwestern Mutual, Aetna Inc, Air National Guard, and Brookhaven National Labs etc.

Competitor Analysis
The main competitors of Infosys are TCS, Wipro and Satyam which have similar customer bases. International competitors of the company include IBM and Accenture. Of this TCS had the highest market capitalization among the domestic players and competitive brand presence. Another factor to consider is that TCS which is a subsidiary of Tata group of companies can capitalize on its brand image. On the other hand international competitors are capitalizing on the low cost and...
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