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Topics: RFID, Customer service, Biometrics Pages: 6 (1722 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Project Proposal: Providing Just Relax Inc (JRI) with the Tools and System to Maintain their Position of Excellence within the Hospitality Industry. | Prepared by: Emma Ryks, Harprit Aujla, Kevin Wong, Patrick Moez Bokhari Optimus Consulting: We Transform Your Business| Prepared for: Professor Ramon Alanis, Grant MacEwan University. School of Business|


Table of Contents

Table of Contents1
Executive Summary2
System Definition3
System Feasibility & Alternatives Considered4
Project Schedule5
Project Cost5
Requirement Analysis5
Technology Scan6
Proposal Summarized8
References and Further Reading9

Executive Summary
At Optimus Consulting, we strive to transform your business. Firms who wish to garner a larger market share in their respective industries can approach Optimus consulting. Our consultants excel in eradicating inefficient management systems, thus lowering a firm’s operational expense. At Optimus we maintain and build competitive advantages that sustain constant growth. What sets Optimus apart from its competitors is the practical and theoretical knowledge of our consultants; they are well versed in the hospitality industry and the information systems that support it. Just Relax Inc. (JRI) is a unique vacation spa resort. As an organization, they have identified three main areas that require improvement. We feel that as a consulting firm we possess the talent and knowledge to provide them with a feasible solution. Listed below are the three main issues that will be addressed within our system recommendation: * Management has fingered the use of ID/credit cards throughout the resort as inefficient. * Increasing security.

* The ability of guests to pre order food and have it ready when they arrive. As such, we have identified two types of technologies that will solve the problems that JRI is facing. Our overall objective is to provide JRI with a feasible and sustainable system. From our research of different technologies, we concluded that the use of Biometric and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) would be the most helpful tools to streamline JRI’s operational processes and to ensure a superior customer experience. The security issues will be addressed by using biometric technology such as a personalized fingerprint check-in system, which is commonly seen in organizations such as the FBI and CSIS. In addition, RFID technologies will allow for faster information transfer, which will result in lower wait times and increased ordering efficiency. This report will provide an all-inclusive analysis of the logistical, technological, and financial factors associated with implementing such a system. By implementing these new technologies, Just Relax Inc. will gain a substantial market share in the hospitality industry. System Definition

System Goal
For the purpose of this project, our goal is to eliminate line-ups and decrease wait times for the resorts clientele while they are accessing the services provided by JRI. Equipment rentals and food services are examples of services that will be streamlined within the resort. This will attract more guests to the resort, as their experience will become more enjoyable because of decreased wait times. The improvement to their business processes will give the company a unique advantage within the industry and reinforce their competitive strategy. System Scope

This new system will facilitate JRI’s competitive strategy by supporting its business processes and minimizing the problems it currently faces. This will help the company to achieve its objectives by decreasing wait times throughout the resort, all the while allowing customers to have more time to experience various activities offered by the resort. This new system will also be a smart investment for the future...
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