Informational Report: Bringing Snapple to Italy

Topics: Italy, Economics, Italian cuisine Pages: 5 (1319 words) Published: April 25, 2013
To: Dr Pepper Snapple Group
From: Robin Hansen, Blake Bowen, Rachel Scott, Bradin Hanson Date: April 19, 2013
Subject: Italy Informational Report

COMBATTING COMMUNICATION BARRIERS BETWEEN ITALY & AMERICA Relationships are highly valued in Europe, especially for Italians. In order to build a business relationship, some cultural understanding must be acquired to combat the differences between Italian and American business people. For this reason, it is good to understand these four aspects: (1) how to build a relationship with an Italian; (2) what the best ways are to advertise in Italy; (3) where the country’s current economic landscape stands; (4) what kind of current events affect business relations.  Relationships with Italians

Before focusing on the time spent outside of business meetings in various Italian activities to build relationships, it is important to get there first by understanding how to get started. Business Communication

The business procedure for aligning a meeting with Italians is to make an appointment a written letter in Italian two to three weeks in advance.  Next, reconfirm the meeting by telephone, also in Italian.  To be prepared for the actual meeting, all business materials should be printed in both English and Italian. If not fluent in Italian, an interpreter should be hired as well.  A third party may get involved to make an introduction which would aid in creating a solid platform to work from. Building Relationships

Guided by first impressions, Italians use their intuition to make judgments very quickly on either apparel or body language. To begin a nice handshake, direct eye contact, and a smile are good first steps for a first impression. Once a relationship has been developed, the usual greeting becomes air-kissing on both cheeks, starting with the left. A pat on the back between men becomes acceptable too. Friendly or business-like conversations may include topics such as soccer, Italian art or architecture, the opera, Italian food and wine, Italian countryside, or current events in your home country. However, avoid topics such as the Mafia, politics, the Vatican, World War II, private family affairs, and negative Italian stereotypes. (Tomalin & Nicks, 2010) Women in the Workplace

As for the role of women in Italian business, Italy is still emerging from a gender bias world.  Of all Europe, Italy has the lowest percentage of women in any jobs. For example, in 2009 judges in the highest courts of Italy averaged 4.8 percent women, whereas the percent of European women in those positions averaged 27.8 percent. In 2011, another statistic pointed to the fact that the women who do work earn 16.8 percent less than their male colleagues. Nonverbal Communication

The three following aspects of the Snapple brand incorporate nonverbal communication and would likely affect the credibility, appeal, and ultimate success of business expansion to Italy. Advertisement Images

Advertisements in Italy aim to appeal to onlookers with tactics such as humor, sentimentality, and sensuality. They may aim to make the advertised product look exciting, expensive, or trendy. One recent Coke campaign in Italy used exciting, action-oriented images (Mauldwin, 2013). Product Color

Color is a powerful marketing tool that signifies different ideas and emotions in each culture. Research has shown that bright and bold colors appeal to younger people. Meanwhile, the more subdued a color is, the more it appeals to older people (Maroto & Bortoli). In Italy, the combination of dark blue and green alludes to political affiliations. (Mauldwin, 2013) Product Shape

Shapes can suggest characteristics such as masculinity, femininity, age, style, and price. In Italy, where it is very important to be in style and up to date with the latest trends, traditional beverage bottle shapes are most common. (Mauldwin, 2013) Economic Landscape

Four aspects of Italy’s economics can affect the distribution...
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