How Successful Were the Liberal Governments of 1896 to 1915 in Dealing with the Problems They Faced?

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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In the period 1896 – 1915, the condition of Italy was relatively in a terrible state in many ways with various political, economic and social problems that hindered the country’s progress. Italy’s Liberal Governments during this period were generally very unsuccessful in dealing with these inherited and growing problems clearly contributing to the end of Liberalism in Italy. More so, the Liberal Government under the rule of Giolitti saw Italy progressing in some circumstances regarding the socio-economic concerns. Nonetheless, it is very comprehensible that the Liberal Governments lacked solving the problems that they faced.

The Liberal Government’s major issue following unification was Italy’s economic progress due to various problems. The economic situation in Italy after Unification was lacking modern communications such as roads due to a limited degree of industrialisation. This was a huge problem for the Liberal’s to solve because it meant that Italy was industrially declined in comparison to most of Europe. As of this decline, the Liberal’s tried to put an end to the Economic backwardness by increasing industrial production. This occurred by essentially increasing the percentage of the workforce in industry. Industrial giants such as Fiat and Pirelli employed more workers to help contribute to the increased percentage working in industry from 13% in 1871 to 23% in 1913. This proved successful for the Liberal’s in ways that they improved industrial output. However, the workforce for industry being 23% was still approximately half than that of the workforce for agriculture being 57%. Accordingly, the Liberal Government did not heavily improve industrialisation successfully. Moreover, this increase in industrial workforce did prove to widen the north-south divide socially because of industry situating mainly in the north of Italy. To conclude, you would say that the Liberal Government failed to deal with this inherited problem although it did increase the...
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