Information Technology

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* What are the characteristics of a technologically enabled organization?

A technologically enabled organization is a technologically capable company. Data and information will be at the heart and information re-use shall be constant. In other word, everything is integrated, finance, services, customer files, support database, helpdesk, quality management, customer satisfaction, email, attachments...

The information both flow in and out where you can get an holistic view of every information, communication, exchange concerning a specific project that might affect multiple customers, or every bits and pieces of information that pertain to a specific customer...

It is a an organization where you have a symbiosis between the customer, who request and the customer who contribute, again, idea bounce in and out and might potentially be shared among interest group, much like a social network, the organization being the enabler between various customers with similar issue, reason why they are the customer of organization XYZ...

The information is on the ecommerce site, in the corporate portal, in the intranet, on the mobile phone, the communications are interactive and customers share whiteboard, desktop, files, document management with the organization. Every relation the organization have with its customer contact is managed through a unique ID assigned to each of those contact, nothing complex, maybe an OpenID since so many people already have them or a simple challenge response via SMS, Text Message, Email to login your customer/employee experience center...

I hope this will help you understand my perspective of a technologically enabled enterprise, it is a only a vision for now, but it might be the future, who knows :)

For now, to me, any subset of those features with integration within a specific business workflow would classify has a technology enabled organization.

2. How does an Organization acquire & disseminal knowledge?

First respondent meant from technical perspective . data 1s and 0s .knowledge can be acquired by working in a domain . no other legitimate shortcut. both for a business and anindividual. it is the collective experience that resides in a non physical plane of can be imparted/propogated to others in the form of a processor documentation( paper or electronic ) or it will be ingrained in the team members even without documentation.this process or documentation should not be dependent on a single person. ie nobody should be indispensableincluding top leadership. many business entities thrive as leaders even without proper documentation of theirworking knowledge . it is ingrained in their employees& stakeholders.There are a number of ways, but all are connected with a common link-experienced workers need to share bestpractices. Formal Mentor programs encourage face to face meeting where mentors can monitor and validate theirprotege's progress. Another method that we are implementing is wikis where we ask very specific questions andmonitor the responses. This has been a good way for the organization to share the collective knowledge anddefines our corporate culture.

3. Why do you suppose inquiry – only applications were developed instead of fully on lines system?

Participation constraint - a participation constraint determines whether relationships must involve certain entities. An example is if every department entity has a manager entity. Participation constraints can either be total or partial. A total participation constraint says that every department has a manager. A partial participation constraint says that every employee does not have to be a manager. Overlap constraint - within an ISA hierarchy, an overlap constraint determines whether or not two subclasses can contain the same entity. Covering constraint - within an ISA hierarchy, a covering constraint determines where the entities in the...
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