Ch6 Cpis 486 E-Business Strategies

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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* The changing business environment requires organizations old and new to develop new strategies and business models. (T/f) * 'web strategy: 'clusters of companies that collaborate on a particular technology'. * Hagel regards the web as a

1-natural response to environmental uncertainty and risks,
2-and webs create powerful new ways to think about strategy, risk, technological uncertainty and innovation. Different from traditional strategic alliances or supply chains, 3- the web explains how independent companies cluster around particular technological standards or customer segments to deliver complex value propositions to the final consumers. * All companies in the web are wholly independent: they price, market and sell their products autonomously. * Examples of webs include the Microsoft Intel platform, SAP integrated IT solutions, Netscape and the Sony PlayStation. * Classification of the Web:

1-Economic web
* is a cluster of companies that use a common architecture to deliver independent elements of an overall value proposition to final consumers. * example of an economic web is the Microsoft and Intel personal computer 2-Technology web,

* where a cluster of independent companies organize around a particular technological platform. * Example; online service
3-Value web. value Web focus on creating value for a specific group of companies that have adopted a common technology platform. * Examples are the value webs in the desktop-computing technology web. Apple’s Macintosh versus the PC by Microsoft and Intel 4-the customer web focuses

* on managing the ownership of customer relationships and customer segments. * 5- market web
* focuses on a specific type of transaction by developing deep relationships for a particular need with all customers.

* Characteristic of the Web
* Webs are not alliances (association), because very often there is no formal relationship between the majority of...
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