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Excel system
MIS 241-001

NC A&T State University

A. Define the competitive advantages of an Excel system in general.

An Excel system is very useful in the business world allowing many tasks to be overcome more effortlessly. One advantage is calculations enabling issues to be solved with few errors when dealing with placement of numbers and topic in there needed category; along with number placement there is also so many tools and formulas that make finding an answer so much easier, instead of inputting the mathematical calculations for hours on a piece of paper or entering a formula over and over again an excel system allows this process to be done all at once cutting down on redundancy and error.

B. Achieving competitive advantages using information systems.

When a company is involved with technology that company is thus allowed to grow and change when change is needed. Information systems are achieving this task thought out the business world, helping to improve efficiency and cutting down redundancy. This achievement over all allows many companies who are at the cutting edge and using technology to its full potential to have personal achievements of there own, a competitive advantage over there competitors. Technology for a company can be very helpful may it be cutting down cost, cutting down redundancy, improving efficiency and workflow or even allow visibility for improves about their competitors.

C. Achieving competitive advantages using Excel.

Excel has been in use for years within many businesses even still today; one main function of excel is it allows you to organize, manipulate, and change data that has been entered into excel. Over all for this reason excel can provided a competitive advantage if the data being recorded is used correctly in a way that can only improve business function. This data in turn can be produced into valuable information and used for business intelligence to improve on areas that are not...
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