Information Systems - Transaction Processing Systems (Tps)

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  • Published : June 27, 2011
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eBay can be found at eBay Inc. is an American Internet company that manages, an online auction and E-commerce website in which people and businesses buy and sell goods and services worldwide. Customers come to the eBay marketplace to buy and sell items in thousands of categories including collectibles, decor, appliances, computers, furnishings, equipment and vehicles. In addition to its original U.S. website, eBay has established localized websites in thirty other countries.

The online auction website was founded in San Jose, California, on September 3, 1995, by French-born Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb, part of a larger personal site that included. In November 1996, eBay entered into its first third-party licensing deal, with a company called Electronic Travel Auction to use SmartMarket Technology to sell plane tickets and other travel products. The company officially changed the name of its service from AuctionWeb to eBay in September 1997.

Basic functions of the IS chosen
To get to, a user must first know the web address of eBay. The user can simply type in on the internet browser’s address bar. Alternatively, the user may also access eBay by inputting the word “eBay” on any search engines. After proceeding to the website of eBay, the user is able to browse or search for products wanted. To look for an item, the user does not need to register. The user is allowed to browse, search and watch items as a guest but only limited up to 10. There is a search box for the user to enter what the user is looking for, located on the top left hand corner of the website. The user cannot bid nor buy as a guest. In order to buy a product, the user is required to register an account on the website. The user will have to enter their details such as e-mail address, full name, telephone number and home address to register.

The user is also required to create a password...
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