Information Systems Chapter 1 Review Questions 1-17

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Chapter 1 Review Questions 1-17 on page 38

1. What is information system? What are some ways information systems are changing our lives? By definition, Information System is a set of interrelated components that collect, manipulate, store, and disseminate data and information and provide feedback mechanism to meet an objective. There are so many ways that information systems are changing our lives both in our personal lives and in the businesses and corporations that are around us. For example personally, I pay my SRP (Electric Bill), Utilities (Water, Trash, and Sewer), Cox Communications (internet), and check my bank account through Bank of America all online. This is done through the Information Systems that are available to consumers. Other examples for this realm would be GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) that directly connect with database storage systems, such as online surveys, Registration to EBay, yahoo, hotmail, facebook, and multiple other database systems that are available. 2. How is data different from information? Information from knowledge? Data consists of raw facts, such as a social security number, address, blood type, date of birth, and many others. Information is a collection of facts that are organized and processed so that they have additional value beyond the value of the individual facts. However, knowledge is just the awareness and understanding of a set of information and ways that the information can be useful to support specific tasks or conclude to a certain decision. 3. Describe the various types of data.

There are four different types of data:
Alphanumeric Data – shown through Numbers, letters, and other characters. Image Data – shown through Graphic images and pictures. Audio Data – shown through sound, noise, and/or tones. Video Data – shown through moving images and/or pictures. 4. What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness? According to the definition behind these two terms, efficiency is a...
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