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Topics: Information systems, Information system, Decision support system Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: January 8, 2013
For this paper I was asked to define an information system and types of information systems, Provide three examples of information systems used in real life and tell us what type of information systems they are and how are they related to the learning objectives for this module. I have picked three examples of information systems in real life applications, they are: Pandora radio (decision support system), cashier register (transaction processing system) and Facebook (office automation system). Information system are vital to knowledge management, they provide a simple system to ensure the success of not only businesses, but national defense as well. * Define an information system and types of information systems An information system is the interaction between people, processes, data and technology. Information systems are also any combination of information technology and peoples activity that support operations, management and decision making. Let’s now look at the three different types of information systems that I will use for my real life examples. Transaction Processing System:

TPS stands for Transaction Processing System, and is the most well-known example. TPS is best recognized by any type of system that utilizes bank card processing. Any time a person pays for goods or services via their bank card, the transaction is sent to the bank. The bank in turn either approves or denies this transaction. The key point to notice in this type of system is that it guarantees that either the transaction completely succeeds or completely fails. This type of system is used in many types of systems though, and not just limited to financial transactions. (Mills, Kevin (June 30, 2011) IT Collaborate: Information Systems used in Modern Business. Retrieved January 7, 2013 from

Decision Support System:
In its most simple form, the DSS can be found in many types of automatic text...
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