Transforming Data Into Information

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Transforming Data into Information

Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming/PRG/211
April 8, 2013

Transforming Data into Information
What is Data? What is information? Data is facts; numbers; statistics; readings from a device or machine. It depends on what the context is. Data is what is used to make up information. Information could be considered to be the same characteristics I just described as data. In the context of transforming data into information, you could assume data is needed to produce information. So information there for is the meaningful translation of a set of or clusters of data that’s produces an output of meaningful information. So data is a bunch of meaningless pieces of information that needs to be composed; analyzed; formed; and so forth to form a meaningful piece of information. Transforming Data

Let’s pick a context such as computer programming. You need pieces of data to be structured and formed into something that will result in an output of something; a message, a graph, or a process, in which a machine can perform some sort of action. Well now we could say that information is used to make a product, make a computer produce something, or present statistical information. That would be the output of that data. The data would be numbers, words, or symbols. The information would be a message, a graph, or a process, in which a machine can perform some sort of action. Information

Information could be looked at as data as well. Let’s say we need a chart showing the cost of a business expenses in relation to employee salaries. The data for showing the information is the amount of money each employee is being paid on a monthly basis for example. Each person’s salary is a piece of data represented by numbers. That data is then compiled to show on overall amount of money the business is spending on paying employees. Obviously much more is calculated, but let’s keep it simple. So now the boss sees this information and wants to know...
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