Industrial Tour Report

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The industrial report is originated from the curriculum requirement of BBA program of University of Chittagong .The topic of our report is “Formulating Industrial Marketing Strategies a case study based on PHP Spinning Mils Ltd.”. The PHP Group is a pioneer and acknowledged market leader in spinning sector in Bangladesh and one of the largest spinning manufacturing company of Bangladesh, adopting State-of-the-Art technologies and fulfilling its customers’ requirements through world-class services & products. PHP GROUP Company, PHP Spinning Mills Ltd. has started its production of high quality cotton & melange from January 2006 using latest technology and having production capacity of 466,746 kg per month in which 265,986 kg is cotton & 200,761 kg is melange. The report has been Prepared under direct supervision of Mr. Mohammed Shahedul quader , Assistant Professor , Department of Marketing Studies & international marketing, university of Chittagong.

Objectives of the study:

The basic or main purpose of industrial tour report is to learn practical knowledge about business world for balancing the gap of our industrial policy in the modern job market. The objectives of this industrial tour are as below: • The prime objective of the study is to know the practical marketing scenario of the company. • To identify an overview of PHP Spinning Mills Ltd. • To perform the SWOT analysis of the company.

• To evaluate the performance of the company and generate some policy implication for better performance. • To remove the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge. • To know the general functional areas of a spinning industry. • To identify the different problems of PHP Spinning Mills ltd.

Scope of the study:

PHP Spinning Mills is the spinning organization carrying operation in Bangladesh out of the country. This Study is limited to only PHP Spinning mills ltd. For the students of BBA (Marketing Studies & international marketing), industrial tour report is an important part of academic program. According to topic, the scope of our industrial tour is limited. We have gone to the various departments of PHP Spinning mills and made a discussion with the management and accounts & management officials and collected its other necessary documents needed to prepare the report on the basis of the main view point of the report “Formulating Industrial marketing strategies a case study based on php spinning mills ltd".

This Study could not cover other private business operating in Bangladesh because of differences in objectives and management structures of companies. The empirical analysis of the Study covers various data like production, marketing, human resource, finance and information technology of PHP spinning mils.

Methodology of the Study:

The key areas of performance evaluation can be identified as financial performance, managerial performance, operational performance, marketing performance or the overall performance. In order to make the Report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information have been used widely.


Both primary and secondary data sources were used to generate the report. The “Primary Sources” are as follows – • Face-to-face conversation with the respective officers and staffs of the PHP Spinning mills ltd. • Informal conversation with the management and marketting bodies of the organization. • Practical work exposures from the different desks of the various departments of the organization. • Open ended and close ended question.

• E-mail communication.
The “Secondary Sources” of data and information are –
• Various books
• Internet
• Web search in
• Companies other published information.
• Printing materials of the company.

Limitations of the Study:

The study has...
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