Packaged Products Case Analysis

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Case Analysis 2

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Corazon Caseres Lagamayo

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July 03, 2010


• Packaged Products specializes in the production of cereals and ready-to-bake products

• Given the continued growth, Mr. Robert Yamani, marketing director, proposed to continue to be a new-product oriented by introducing one new product or an improved product every year.

• A sizeable portion of consumers has negative attitude towards some of the new products in the supermarkets.


This case analysis would like to solve this case from the point of view of the division’s marketing research manager.


What answers should Nancy Schmidt prepare for each of the points raised by Mr. Yamani?


1. To come up with clear analysis of the focus group interview to Mr. Robert Yamani 2. To identify win-win strategies that will both benefit Packaged Products and its consumer


1. Current identity of Packaged Products: There is a need to review of how the public perceived Packaged Products. There is a need to know what the established credibility of the company is because this will tell how the company is shaping its direction. 2. New Product Objective: It is important to know the rational behind the company’s new product objective and its significant contribution to the company if pursued. 3. Focus group interview information. In order to answer Mr Yamani and be able to come up with win-win strategies there is a need to assess the information derived from the published focus group interview. The information should be assessed in terms of its relevance, impact, and significance to Packaged Products. VI. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION

1. Nancy Schmidt to provide clear answers to Robert Yamani’s concern by stating this; o Significance to Packaged Products
▪ Convenience to food products is not much appreciated but to household products it’s only alright o Need for a series of Focus Group Interviews
▪ Consumers said that in order for manufacturers to retain them, they just need to stabilize their old product and show some creativity; ▪ Ensure that new products are with nutritional value and with complete labels. Manufacturers should not fool the consumer. Tell them the truth and give them their money’s worth ▪ Quality of the product remains the top most concern of consumers ▪ Changing the package is also effective to catch consumer’s attention however; the consumer’s expectation that the new one will beat the old product should be met. Otherwise, they will not buy the new one. ▪ Sensory testing remains effective to drive consumers to taste the new product ▪ Establish a 24-hour consumer service to cater the complains of the consumer the soonest time as possible

o Concept for a large Statistical Study
▪ There is a need to conduct study on consumer‘s attitude towards their competitor’s product. The unhappiness on the old products drives the consumer to try the new ones. a. Advantage/s

i. Schmidt will be able to help strategize Packaged Products by providing a clear analysis of the said FGD ii. Yamani will continue to trust Schmidt
iii. Schmidt will be able to prove her worth
b. Disadvantage/s
i. Time consuming for Schmidt
ii. Yamani may not be convinced of her answers

2. Nancy Schmidt to conduct triangulation of her findings and analysis a. Advantage/s
i. Validate Schmidt findings and analysis
ii. Come up with concrete and strong analysis of the FGD information iii. Yamani will continue to trust Schmidt
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