Industrial/Organizational Psychology Paper

Topics: Industrial and organizational psychology, Applied psychology, Organizational psychology Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Are you fit to be an Industrial or Organizational Psychologist? Most would say yes in a heartbeat Industrial psychologists associate themselves with people in the workplace. Industrial psychology is often called personnel psychology, which is directly related to the field also known as organizational psychology. Usually industrial psychologists evaluate the differences between individual workers and also individual jobs. Organizational psychologists normally seek the understanding of how workers function in an organization and also the role of the organization in society.

What is Organizational/ Industrial Psychology
Organizational/ Industrial Psychology is the study of activities in work environment. Industrial and Organizational psychology is vital in the workplace for encouraging productive attitudes and behaviors and for selecting and promoting candidates in the most effective method. It has been perceived that several corporations are bringing in I/O psychologists to come and facilitate certain aspects of their business. It appears that in this present day and time stipulations for equal employment, equal pay and an enjoyable yet productive environment (Passer, Smith, 2005). Considering these thoughts, the request for I/O psychologists is increasing very rapidly. With this rising field, it is imperative that individuals have a general understanding of how I/O psychology came about, how to develop into an I/O psychologist and what the expectations of I/O psychologists are. There are some distinctions between Industrial and Organizational Psychologists that are not always clear, however, they are both jointly related to the same field(s). With a degree in psychology, one could work in consulting firms, government agencies, colleges and also universities. Both I/O assist in determining appropriate pay ranges, based on the skill level, any dangers the job may require, and the education required for the job. Surprisingly enough, both Industrial and...
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