Individual Reflection Paper

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  • Published : October 25, 2008
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This paper is a reflection of my own learning process, perception of others, personality within study and work, attitudes towards activities and personal values as well. A thorough analysis of all these aspects of my personal system is an efficient way to explain some of my behaviors and their changing intentions. Of all these items that will be included below in the context of this paper, learning should be the most fundamental one. Virtually, things that I have learned, I am learning and I will learn in the future throughout actual experiences and potential opportunities have drawn, and will, a huge impact on perception, personality, attitudes, values, and the learning process itself. As a result, this impact will surely bring about certain changes in behaviors based on positive or negative aspects of learning, which more explicitly, positive or negative experiences in a situation (referring to the book).Therefore, it is natural to see that humans are continuously taking the process of forming and reforming whole elements of our personal system through learning. However, it is nevertheless not easy to find out a new suitable learning approach when initially the path is about to twist. Experiments of how to win the right approach out of numerous rounds are deemed to occur. Thus, failures are followed up by it natural. But the best way of learning is just to learn from failure. I remembered that what my skating coach said to me at the first sight was “you should learn how to fall before learning how to skate.” I was deeply confused by what he said to me until one day, I finally got to skate by myself for a complete round on the skating rink with hundreds of thousands if not millions of falling down before. In reality, having those physical sufferings on my body is the best way to teach me to skate since it made me more skilled with cumulated experiences after every single round of failure. My perception of others is basically my conception on others through a...
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