Own Philosophy of Man

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  • Published : August 20, 2011
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Men are born and called to be superiors, they have a mind set that they are the highest form of being, they are naturally good but there are situations where they have and chose to be bad. The primary reason in deciding whether to be good or bad is the strive for survival. Since man are superiors, they have tendencies to be controlling yet can also be controlled by another higher being who they allow to -or believe they can look up to and who has the power to support them. Individual beliefs and viewpoint in life are learned through experience filtered by man’s senses. Learning comes in two different kinds; the personal learning where the learner herself gained and the interpersonal learning where the learner gains through another person. Therefore, examples are very crucial in the process of learning. Personality trait is the mixture of inherited and learned persona. Learned traits will eventually affect the natural inherited gene traits and each personality categories distinct from every individual’s behaviour because even identical twins having the same-exact set of genes will eventually have different experience in life and different perception on it and there it becomes unique from every individual to another. Therefore, man must always be guided by good people. Although distinct, people undergo developmental changes in every phase of man’s life, these changes are brought by external factors that motivated the internal (self) to change, meaning internal and external factors work hand in hand in order to make a total change. They must be motivated in order to develop new constructs and habits. Social deviance has the label “what is humane or inhumane” on its base but varies from one culture to another, deviance are the recognized unacceptable acts of an individual dictated by the moral majority of a culture’s population but still filtered by a man’s personal judgement. There are people belonging to a certain culture who do not see all labelled deviant acts...
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