Indian Footwear Industry

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Indian domestic leather goods market is estimated to be worth Rs 16,300 crore and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%. Domestic footwear market is estimated to be over Rs 15,000 crore in value terms and has grown at the rate of 8.8% over the last couple of years. Men’s footwear accounts for almost half of the total market, with women’s shoes constituting 40 percent and kidsʹ footwear making up for the remainder. The domestic market is substantially price driven, with branded footwear constituting less than 42 percent of the total market size. About 37.8 percent of Footwear retail is the organized segment, which qualifies it as the second most organized retail category in India, next only to Watches. While the average spend on the footwear by urban consumers is Rs 240/annum, consumers in rural areas spend just about Rs 100/annum. The annual domestic consumption of footwear is approximately 1.1 billion pairs per annum, and top 20 cities contribute about 450 Million pairs/annum. India is the second largest footwear manufacturer in the world, next only to China. Nearly 58 percent of the industry, which is by and large labour intensive and concentrated in the small and cottage industry sectors, remains unbranded. However, as part of its effort to play a lead role in the global trade, the Indian leather industry is now focusing on key deliverables of innovative design, state-of-the-art production technology and unfailing delivery schedules. Retail footwear segment in Indian is very price sensitive and has been steadily growing over the year. Major part of the demand is met by the un-organized sector and still there is a shortfall of 300 million pairs. Branded shoe market only account for 20% of the entire market. While international brands largely dominate the higher end of the spectrum, the lower end of the market is dominated by home-grown players as well as un-organized players. While men's footwear is the biggest target category (contributing almost 48%), children's (11%) and women's lifestyle footwear (41%) is not behind in the race. The kid’s footwear segment is one of the fastest growing segments in India. The Indian kid’s footwear segment is highly fragmented and dominated by the unorganized sector. The branded kid’s footwear segment has a big card to play as India has the world’s largest child population. The overall kid’s retail segment has a robust margin of 20 – 25 % which is huge potential opportunities for organized branded retail footwear players. S&M is one of the players who have ventured into kids wear segment which has 27 exclusive outlets through franchise model. S&M sees a huge potential with age group of 3 – 16 years kids segment in the domestic market after the economic slowdown in the international market that hit the company’s revenues has now been targeting the growing consumers market of India. It has set up store in store format for optimized revenue flow. The store in store format of business model has been the trend among many retail footwear players in India. Disney kid’s is another international brand which has forayed into exclusive kids shoes in India and has targeted kids within the age group of 5-10 years. Disney shoes have a tie-up with Sierra Industrial Enterprises to manufacture and market Disney shoes for kids in India. Disney aims to become the market leader in the kid’s footwear segment in India. The Disney shoe collection will include boots, sandals, slippers and sports shoes for boys and girls. The footwear’s has a price range from Rs 150 – Rs 850. Disney has targeted malls across the country and in prominent chain stores such as Lifestyle, Loft, Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloon and Central. Bata is one of the oldest brands which have a more than 50% share in the executive segment. As the young Indian executive class matures in terms of quality, design and brand, the preference will be more towards branded footwear and the growth is expected to be high in this...
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