Leather Good Business Plan

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Funky Lader Couture Corporation is a globally recognized name as manufacturer and exporter of Leather apparels. The company was first started in Sweden. That’s from where it got its name, “Lader” which means “Leather” in Swedish. Furthermore it also started exporting in other countries like London, New York, Paris etc. The company caters to the demands of the youngsters worldwide.

Funky Lader Couture Corporation was founded in the early 1980 by Mr. Jey Reagner with a dream to mature into a leading player in the global leather industry. From a humble beginning the company has really grown from strength to strength to emerge as a part a core group that commands a respectable turnover of over US$ 1 billion. The company has bloomed from its infancy to the repute of today in the industry. With foray into the overseas markets, Funky Lader Couture Company has been successfully tested to live up to the expectations of the global arena where nothing but the best is accepted. Funky Lader Couture has established a strong network of supply chain for sourcing of leather apparels.

It has plans of launching its products in India too, as it thinks that India has a huge potential for leather wear for youngsters.

Funky Lader Couture Company can benefit from several characteristics of the Indian market and the corresponding advantages they offer. Due to the following it made a decision of launching its products in India. Some of these advantages are:

• Availability of low cost skilled labour-
India’s advantage as a source of low cost, skilled labour is quite relevant to industries like manufacturing of leather goods & footwear that are relatively labour intensive. India has among the lowest cost of labour as compared to other countries.

• Abundance of raw material-
India is the largest livestock holding country with 21% of the large animals and 11% of small animals in the world. The large population of cattle, buffaloes, goat and sheep that the country possesses...
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