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Indian shoe market is one of the most dynamic markets in the world. Although there are different valuations about the Indian Shoe Market. It is estimated to be worth around Rs 11000 crores. The market is traditionally price driven and dominated by the unorganized sector. Woodland stands for -

Simple the spirit of adventure, of course. The advertising has been created specifically to communicate this spirit to everyone. And to encourage them to keep exploring and keep discovering. Woodland not only believes in making the best quality products but also creating outstanding communication ideas. It’s no wonder then that Woodland advertisement have been widely recognized in India and abroad. Woodland is an Indian Brand and they have done it with Indian Footwear. In a market dominated by sports and leather shoes Woodland created a category for itself. Woodland never wanted to be an ordinary shoe so till now this brand is concentrating on the premium end (above Rs 1500 shoes) of 2000 crore casual shoe segment. Woodland targets the up market segment and is positioning itself as a rugged high quality premium casual shoe. The brand is excellent in quality and styling. The brand carefully presented itself as an outdoor trekking kind of shoe which captured the imagination of Indian youth True to its price, the brand delivered its promise on quality which ensured that the brand is perceived as a value for money brand. Woodland has extended itself to accessories and apparels. Earlier Woodland tried its hand in the formal shoe category with the brand Woods but it did not make much impact in that market.


Formal shoes:-
Woodland has a wide variety of formal shoes starting from Rs. 1445 onwards. These shoes are light in weight, comfortable and attractive.

Casual shoes:-
Woodlands casual shoes are more in demand among the youths. They provide good quality, comfort and classic look to their customers. These shoes are available for Rs.1145 onwards.

Athletic shoes:-
These shoes are beautifully designed and they provide ankle coverage, lightweight and durability to their customers. Shoes are available for Rs.1545 onwards.

Velvette shoes:-
These shoes are in demand by the ladies as these shoes are beautifully designed with closures and elastic back. These shoes are available for Rs. 1645 onwards.

Trekking shoes:-
Trekking shoes are the most known shoes in the market. These shoes have excellent foot grip. They also provide good cushioning and deep treaded sole for all terrains, dust, mud, ice, water. These shoes are available for Rs 1595 onwards

Narrow edge shoes:-
Narrow edge shoes are very in now days. These are easy pointy shoes made out of swed leather, which looks accurate at normal distance. They are not as difficult to walk in as it looks. These shoes are available for Rs. 1945 onwards.

These sandals are stylish in design with fantastic colours option, well padded soles and great grip. The company uses smooth and exotic leather for making of this shoe. They are available for Rs. 1495 onwards.

Baby shoes:-
Woodland also has a good variety of baby shoes. They provide Multi colored kid’s shoes with attractive looks. These shoes are very comfortable with a soft fabric lining sole. These shoes are available for Rs. 995 onwards.

SWOT Analysis
The strength of the company’s production within its captive facilities allows Woodland to produce aesthetically designed, sturdy and durable shoes. The brand Woodland is well – known and recognized in India and abroad and this factor is another asset to the brand. Woodland is and well known brand in outdoor shoe industry since 1950s. The older the brand is the more reliable...
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