Indian Cinema

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Indian Cinema is very powerful medium to communicate with Viewers. Films are not only the popular medium of Entertainment but it is also the powerful medium of Education. Cinema means a creative expressions ; it performs the functions of Mass Media , such as Education & Transmission of culture. Films are widely popular and thus Audio Visual nature provides people a pervasive power of social influence. It works as a catalyst for social change. Today Cinema Commands the respect accorded to any other form of creative expression. In immensive complexity of its creative process it combines in various measures, the function of poetry, music, painting, drama, architecture and a host of other major and minor arts. India holds an eminent position in film making in the world. It produces number of films every year. The Indian Cinema producers and the film fraternity have constantly been changing their trends and styles of Film Making according to the ever changing tastes and preferences of the targeted audience. The art of cinema has created a widespread and profound impact on the society. The Indian box office has always been energetic and enthusiastic about every production that is being released every Friday. The art of Cinema and all those who have their strong connections with the silver screen entertainment have always been acknowledged and held in high esteem in the Indian society. The people who call themselves mad followers and fans of a particular Cinema personality do worship their favorite actor / actress with abundant affection and interest. Cinema has almost become a religion with the increase in number of such mad followers who can be termed as ‘ Cine extremists’ who would do anything for the cause of Cinema.

Today Society has witnessed positive changes due to change in Lifestyle , Living Standard of people , Media Access , Story Line , Art Direction , Direction , Technolody (3D movies and different instruments to be used in film making )...
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