Important Qualities of a Good Boss

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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A boss is a person who knows well how to keep his subordinates happy and in harmony to get their best performance in order to get the job done .So, it is obvious that a supervisor must have the quality of good leader, matter-of-fact, intelligent, adroit, expert in his field , good personality and a good sense of humor. He must be like a friend of his workers instead of being dictator.

A boss must be a good leader who could bind his subordinates in a chain in order to get a good cooperative environment. Because cooperation of workers is the most important and required thing to run a firm smoothly. Plus, a good boss must have a good sense of humor so that his subordinate could feel a happy , friendly and tension free environment to work in. For instance, if the boss is rude and so strict, then workers won't be able to feel free to work and to discuss all their problems with the boss. And also they may disrespect their boss because of his dictatorship. To keep a good relationship with his subordinates and to get honor and respect he must be friendly and kind hearted.

Moreover, a boss must be expert in his field. This is also an important aspect because he has to guide other people who are working under him. He should be intelligent and expert enough, in order to make a influence on his subordinates. In addition, he has to often make decisions and face several predicaments in the business. He should be adroit and clever enough to foresee the future to make wise decisions.And also, must know how to avoid or to deal with heavy odds.

One more quality of a boss is his impressive personality. It is said that personality is the first impression of a person. Sometimes the personality of a person makes other people feel compelled to follow him. Since, supervisor has to visit several people in the business in order to make deals. In this case, the boss who possesses a good personality may prove more successful .In his first meeting he may influence people enough to...