Compare and Contrast Essay Good Boss Bad Boss

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  • Published: January 22, 2012
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The difference between a good boss and a bad boss is perceived by the employee under supervision. The most important difference between the two types of bosses is whether you can be trusted to do your job and do it the correct way. The employees’ feelings towards their boss often show up in the work that her or she does and the way that the work is done. A good boss generally leaves the employees to do his or her work, but is available to help the employee if needed. As a result, employees tend to be happier, more at ease, and more likely to be more productive in his or her work environment. There are many qualities that make up a good boss. A good boss cares about their job as well as the employees who work under them. It is important to a good boss to do what they can to keep company they work for growing and to succeed every day. You can often tell a difference in the attitudes of a good boss and a bad boss because a bad boss may have a bad attitude and show no interest in wanting to be at work, while a good boss loves their job and goes above and beyond to succeed their company and themselves as well. In contrast, a bad boss keeps his or her door closed, and does not want or invite in communication with his or her employees and can be quite rude when interrupted. This behavior can often affect how employees feel about their job and how he or she does their work. Employees tend to be more stressed and annoyed when they are picking up the slack of their boss and when they are not receiving the correct answers to questions that may arise. Things may not get handled the way they should be handled if the boss does not show interest in step up and do their part. When a bad boss does not show interest in care in their employees that also affects how they do their work because employees may feel they are being taken advantage of and not receiving the credit they deserve for the work that they do. A bad boss may show disrespect and no interest in their employees and the company, but can put on an act to the higher up bosses and take all of the credit for the work of others. Typically a bad boss does not go above and beyond to better their company. A company can’t succeed without the people who get up and go to work every day and do their best to make that company a successful one. It takes more than one person to make a company succeed and that is why not only bosses but employees play a big role in maintaining a company. The way employees are treated is what keeps them enjoying their job, coming to work every day, putting their effort into their job, and providing good customer service. It is important to not only provide excellent customer service to whose entering a company, but to the employees as well. When customers are treated bad by those who are employed at a company then the customer tends to avoid that company and use other resources where they can get the help they need and are able to communicate with people who are helpful and respectful. This goes hand and hand with the way bosses treat their employees because like customers, employees who feel like they are being disrespected and not getter the proper help and training, they begin to not enjoy their job. When you do not enjoy your job and are being treated bad that shows up in the way you do your work. Employees may get that “I do not care attitude” or the bad attitudes from their bosses can rub off on the employees as well. Employees look up to their bosses because someday that could be the employee in the higher position. When becoming a boss most people look at that as an opportunity to do their best at their job and keep moving up to higher positions and more pay. It is not only the boss’s job to run a company and make that company successful but it is also their job to train and prepare their employees to be able to do their job one day. Becoming a boss of a company is a big deal and employees and bosses who enjoy their job do what is asked and...
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