Importance of Pets

Topics: Pet, Pet adoption, Pets Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: December 21, 2012
I surely agree with this statement 'Pets should be treated like family members.' Nowadays we can see many examples of this statement. If we go out for a walk in our community, to grocery store or where ever, it is a common sight that people enjoying company of their pets. In my opinion buying a pet is no differ from adopting a kid. Once we adopted a kid, we take his whole responsibility in all aspects. Similar to this its our responsibility to take overall care of pet and should treat it like our family member. Society also agree with this fact that is why there developed separate salons for pets. This is best example which shows peoples love for their pets. They are caring for their pets comfort, beauty and needs.This may be the reason that demand for pets increased and lots of breeds available in pet's stores.In olden days people used to buy pets for fancy . This idea changed widely during these days. Now pets are bought for refreshment, to give company, to get fame etc. I have lots of examples for this. Some people may get them for company. They need refreshment after their office hours. Coming to some old people, they want pets in their home to avoid loneliness and some are also earning money through pets by sending then to competitions. Nowadays we can see in news about many competitions for pets like beauty, running swimming etc. Many people want them to guard their house. Most of all pets are very loyal to their owner. They can be treated as our best friends. We can never expect cheating from them. As far as I consider, they are eligible to be treated like our family members.
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