Why People Should Have Dogs!

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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I think people should get dogs because they are good companions. I also think pets, especially dogs, help you and improve your life. Some people say their dogs changed their lives because when you take care of a dog you need to learn to be unselfish. People also say dogs help them communicate better. When you have a dog, you have to try to find out what it wants, and that can help you find out how to talk to other people. An important thing about getting a dog is to find one that suits you. When I had my dog Simba, he was my best friend. He was my favorite mammal to be with besides my mom. He always made my family and me laugh. Sometimes he got all mixed up and ran into the wall. When we played music, he tried to sing. I loved him very much. I could tell him anything in the world as if he was my best friend. Dogs help you because your personality is one of the many important parts of your life, and dogs help improve it. My dog helped me improve my personality by making me be more open because it wasn’t always about me. He also improved my knowledge because I did not know dogs needed so many things to be satisfied. I had to learn how to react to him and find out when to feed him and what he liked to eat. Some people say that dogs need too much care. You have to feed them and take them for walks. My dog Simba was worth any work I had to do because he was my friend. I think everyone should have a dog because they may improve your life. Simba and every other pet I had taught me a valuable lesson I will need to know later in life. By getting a dog, you too can learn a valuable lesson or two.
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